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Friday, September 9, 2011



Wealth gives you a much broader range of choices than being poor does. It opens many doors for you that would otherwise be closed. It also gives you power - power to help change the world for the better, or if you prefer, power to topple a government.
It gives you a louder voice in the public arena, and so on.
Arguments in Favor:
Everything in modern society is based on money. As the saying goes, money makes the world go around.
Parents object to their daughters' marriages unless their future sons-in-laws have jobs with good prospects.
Many young people marry for money rather than love. Security is more important than happiness.
Some people in Shanghai would even trade their self-esteem for money.
Materialism influences education, too. Students acquire knowledge not for its own sake, but for a bigger wage.
Students choose business courses rather than liberal arts for the sake of earning big money in the future.
Very few people want to be teachers because teaching is not a lucrative profession.
More emphasis is put on material life than on spiritual life in modern society.
People do anything in their power to earn money to buy their houses, furniture, cars, etc.
People are trained to be acquisitive from an early age and are not considered successful unless they make good money.
People spend most of their lives struggling frantically to keep up with their neighbors.
Wealthy nations can succeed by offering their poorer talented neighbors bigger salaries.
Financial rewards for pop stars make many people envy them.
A desire to earn more money is nothing to be ashamed of.
Deng Xiao-ping said, "To get rich is glorious."
Being poor is not very much fun.
Being rich allows you to do what you want.
If you are rich, many people want you for a friend.
It is easier to marry well if you are wealthy.
Being wealthy allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.
The man who has the money makes the rules.
first of all I would like to say that "MONEY IS A HIDE SEEK POWER" we need money in every step.wen a patient f illness or any other diseases he or she can't health without money because 1step is 2 see a doctor he should f then doctor recommend any x-ray or test etc he should f money then doctor recommend him medicine but without money he or she can't go in a better life ......when we f money everybody love us but education didn't do hides every bad habits of a rich person but education didn't do this........without money u would f no can also make a person ,if u f a lot of money, people value your opinion on things .today without there is nothings .The modern world runs on money .............
22.    Wealth gives you a much broader range of choices than being poor does. It opens many doors for you that would otherwise be closed. It also gives you power - power to help change the world for the better, or if you prefer, power to topple a government.
It gives you a louder voice in the public arena, and so on.
I have seen numerous people holding good degrees but still find it difficult to find a decent job.
Money is always important. Only persons, who've no money or less money, talk about others than money. All the phrases on money (like "Money has no value", "Money can't buy happiness" or even "money is sweeter than honey", "money is 2nd God" etc are frequently said by the poor, believe it! Knowledge requires money somehow. (It could be others' money!) Funny thing is this, that the knowing of money's importance is also a kind of knowledge! And this knowledge is earned by knowing the strength of money indeed! People might answer to your question like this: Money can buy food, knowledge can't-----these are silly childish answers. At the same time if anyone answers, “Money can't bring mother's love"---pooh, that's also childish since mother's love is not a product that one can buy from stores.
Money is important in our life. This is a help for food dress, medical assistance &serve u r future .Some time money is lead you to knowledge.

Benefits of an education:
Higher lifetime earnings
Less likely to be unemployed
Less likely to live in poverty

More productive society
Educated adults more likely to volunteer
Educated adults more likely to vote
Educated adults more likely to donate blood
Educated adults less likely to smoke
Educated adults more likely to be in good health
Educated adults less likely to be incarcerated
Children of educated adults are read to more frequently and have higher cognitive skill levels and concentration than other children.
Education helps you develop your character and talents. Well educated people tend to be more liberal, and they are more open to new ideas and to new experiences. They are more likely to be free thinkers, and knowing two or more languages is a valuable thing.

From all that I'd have to say that education is more important than wealth. Wealth allows you to buy what you "want", but education allows you to better understand what you "need" to live a better quality life as evidenced by the many benefits you can get from an education that money can't buy.

Also, I thought it was pretty funny that this was how wealth was used in a sentence in my dictionary.
"Great wealth is not a sign of great intelligence"
5 reasons why knowledge is better than wealth - Presentation Transcript
1.       Here are 5 reasons why………
2.       ✓ Knowledge guards you
3.       ✓ Knowledge guards you
4.       ✖You have to guard your wealth
5.       ✓ When knowledge is distributed it increases
6.       ✓ When knowledge is distributed
7.       ✓ ...It increases
8.       ✖ When wealth is distributed
9.       ✖ ...It decreases
10.    ✓ Knowledge has many friends
11.    ✓ A man of knowledge has many friends.
12.    ✖ A man of wealth has many enemies
13.    ✓ Knowledge enlighten the heart
14.    ✓ Knowledge enlighten the heart
15.    ✖ Wealth hardens the heart.
Money can buy books but not knowledge. Money can buy medicine but not health. Money can buy food but not appetite. Money can buy amusement but not happiness. Money can buy bed but not sleep.
Education… being a lifelong learner is a lifelong process. It’s not about being enrolled in the school or a fancy college or receiving a piece of paper. It is, however, about being someone who is hungry to learn, willing to change, and ready to embrace new ways of looking at life and the universe. As long as you have your mental capacities, you can keep learning and building on what you already know. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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